Bemanan, based in Kolkata, began their journey in May 2014. They are a group of dedicated musicians playing fresh music and singing songs old and new; their heartfelt compositions of music and lyrics is a wholesome treat.

The band consists of Sayatya Mallick (vocals, percussion) Diptangshu Chakrabarty (guitar)  and Diptanshu Roy (mandolin). The members are from bands Jack Rabbit and Fiddler’s Green. What brings them together is their like-mindedness and converging taste in music. They love to experiment with acoustics, various rhythms and melody.

Choupahari Recordings’ is Bemanan’s first initiative. It is a set of live acoustic recordings in the forest Choupahari, near Shantiketan. Here they play their own compositions and a song by Arunendu Das (one of Mohiner Ghoraguli pioneers).

Bemanan is a response to music yesterday, today and tomorrow. It is their will for a change.